The City of Henderson is creating a Vision Plan and the Henderson City/County Planning Commission is updating the Comprehensive Plan. These plans are being led by City/County staff, a Community Visioning Steering Committee and a consultant team (See Who’s Involved).

What is a Vision Plan?

  • A motivating picture of what everyone should be working towards
  • Represents an image or dream
  • Should be far-reaching for the future
  • Does not contain all of the answers or solutions
  • Brings together community’s ideas on the future
  • Informs and creates the basis for the Comprehensive Plan update
  • Creates the “Big Idea”
  • Develops community-wide strategies that guide both private and public investment decisions

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

  • A legislative document
  • An official policy statement for private development projects and community expenditures
  • A vision of the future
  • The foundation for land use decisions

What is Planning?

Planning is a collaborative process which ultimately defines a community’s vision for the future. This process includes articulating the values of the community, preparing for the future, and creating sound policies.

Why are we planning?

A Comprehensive Plan establishes the long-term community vision which defines the quantity of growth, quality of growth and location of growth that the community desires.

What function will a good plan serve?

  • Preserves limited and natural resources
  • Guides future development
  • Communicates a realistic vision
  • Mitigates potential negative impacts
  • Provides a legal basis for land use regulations
  • Guides capital improvements