Meeting notes of the Vision Henderson Action Committee, 12/17/15

December 17, 2015, Vision Henderson Action Committee Meeting

Committee members present: Dr. Kris Williams, Rodney Thomas, Kyle Hittner, Tim Skinner, Bill Markwell, Buzzy Newman,

Guests present: Mayor Steve Austin,  Greg Gibson, HAAA

The group discussed a date for the “Community Conversation about the Arts,” and landed on either February 2nd or 4th at Rookies, from 4-6pm.  Greg will reach out to Jule McClellan to make sure that date works for her and ask for her help in inviting the arts community.  Kyle will reach out to Emily Moses from KAC to see which date works for her and to share with her the topics of discussion.

Those topics will be drawn from Vision Henderson and include:

Educational outreach, Grants program/funding, Performing arts space, arts incubator space for creating and selling; shared resources, Destination known for the arts: festivals, events (artisan market,etc, haaa shows), Events, Festivals and programming, Entertainment and arts district, Ampitheatre/outdoor performing arts space, Communication between artists and arts groups

We also discussed who should be invited.  Below is a preliminary list of invitees, and places we will promote the event:

OVAL and board, HAAA and board, Handy Fest committee, Bluegrass committee, School (Choir, Band, Visual, Graphic Design) – ask Marganna to recommend, HCC- Cathi Blackburn, Sharon Burton, Steve McCarty, Rachel Baar, Pem Fisterer Clark, Chris Thomas, Alan and Cathe Hedgespeth, Bobbi Vanzant, Anyone that attended the Visioning charettes, Iris Gentry, Suzy McCormick, Suzy Rideout, WSON, Gleaner, Lifestyles, WEHT, Social Media announcements, Riverbend and board, Julie Struck, Laura Peck and board, Henderson Society of Art, Kim Luttrell, Janet Hayden, Bob Park, Matthew and Jessica Vanover, Art Hop participants, Artisan Market participants, Kim McGrew, Photographers (Audubon Photography Club)

In addition to a community discussion, we also want to encourage action.  We discussed creating handouts and vision boards on various Vision initiatives so people can “sign up,” for their favorite initiative, and provide contact info.

Next meeting will be January 26 at 12 at the Depot.  Additionally, there will be a community sports meeting on January 20 at 6 at Rookies.

Meeting Notes of the Vision Henderson Action Committee meeting, 11/24/15

Committee members present: Dr. Kris Williams, Leo Peckenpaugh, Rodney Thomas, Kyle Hittner

Meeting began with a brief discussion about putting our committee meeting notes on  Notes would include;

Who we are- Group consists of Dr. Kris Williams, Henderson Community College, Leo Peckenpaugh, Henderson County Schools, Rodney Thomas, owner of Rookies, Megan Casey, Volunteer and Information Center, Tim Skinner, Skinner Design Associates, Buzzy Newman, Asst. City Manager, William Markwell, Commonwealth Attorney, Kyle Hittner, Henderson County Tourist Commission

What we are about- A group of community individuals, asked by the mayor to “package and prioritize” the findings of Vision Henderson.

What is discussed at each meeting- catalyst projects and big ideas outlined in Vision Henderson, and how we can help move those projects forward.

The group discussed the HAAA (Henderson Area Arts Alliance) grant process.  The question was posed by ED Greg Gibson and board member Kris Williams regarding HAAA aligning their goals with Vision Henderson. How could they do this?  It was suggested that HAAA could require that grant recipients attend a regular meeting to keep/foster an open and collaborative conversation between existing arts organizations.

There was a brief discussion about the possibility of having Fine Arts Extension Agent in Henderson County or at the very least, getting Fine Arts program training for 4-H agents.  This would help to fill a community need outlined in Vision Henderson.  Kyle has reached out to extension agent, Amanda Hardy to begin that conversation, and see how Vision Henderson can help.

Discussed hosting a Community Arts Discussion in partnership with HAAA, moderated by the KY Arts Council.  At our December meeting, we will try to set a date for this event, and begin to outline key points of discussion.  An invite list will be created, but would include local arts organizations, board members of those organizations, and community members with an interest in the arts.  Event could potentially be hosted at HFAC in the Stagg Room, assuming it’s available.

An update was given on the meeting between HCTC, HSPEC and Vision Henderson on November 18.  It was a productive conversation, and the feasibility study is still moving forward.  Since HSPEC will be a large contributor to the project, we all agreed that  their executive committee should certainly have a say so in the choosing of the consultant.  They were given both proposals and a meeting was set for January 20, at which we will all officially decide on a consultant, and begin aggressively raising funds for the study.

Next meeting will be December 17, 1:30.   Greg Gibson has been invited to help make plans for community arts discussion.